Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I am back online after an internet melt down at home. Well Easter is done now an I am back to paddling by myself and the water is getting colder. I have had a good two weeks paddling with Wes and Brady who were down for the comp over Easter, it was so good to paddle with someone every day. The only problem was after day two of the boys being down my back went. Lucky I have a great osteo in Rach Cooper and she fixed me up nice and quick. But the boys only ended up being here for a bit over a week due to what they are calling the better run of swell ever for the Bells Beach Rip Curl Pro. So I am back to a one man band now, Thursday I paddled my nomel Bells to fishos and back in the heaviest fog ever. I didn't see land for like an hour or so it was pretty rad not knowing where I was just paddling by myself. I did a couple of paddles on Friday and a windy, crap paddle on Monday. I am paddling with a mate, Dopes, who is home from Canada for a week or so then I am off to train on the mighty Snowy River this weekend so I will have something a bit different to write about on monday in my next post. To anyone reading this thanks for following my progress.

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