Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Thinking Of New Paddles

Hey Sorry i haven't had much to blog about lately, i don't think people are to keen to here about work everyday. But i have been a little bored not really having much to train for, But i have come up with a new paddle challenge to train for over the next couple of months.

The plan is to paddle from Torquay to Lorne and back in a day, prone down & sup back both 14'' paddle boards it is 84km. I can't guaranty that we are going to make it but why not try. So i will keep posts going as often as I can, you all know i forget about it at times but i am getting better.


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Race

Well sorry it has taken a day or so to put something on my blog, well I made it across the channel again! I finished 2nd by less than a 1min to Jack Bark, in one of the hardest race i have ever had with Jack and I battling side by side for well over 30km right to the end.  Jack just get the better of me in the last roll of the dice on china wall he picked up to little bumps that gave him 15 or so metres going in to the bay and first crack at the waves. I was really happy with how it went and Jack paddled amazing and Gauly smash the unlimited by about 18mins. Everyone that did the race has just achieved something very amazing and I think one and the hardest race you could ever do. Well done to the Vico boys Quinten and Nick the boys killed it and it was great to show everyone that we can do it all for vico, rain, hail or what ever else it throws at us. To everyone in hawaii thanks you for having us.


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Back From Maui

We are back from a couple of days in Maui. We went to do the Naish race and stayed a couple of extra days. I was a good trip with me and Shady winning the Stock (12') and Unlimited paddleboard race on the 15km down wind course. We couldn't have done i with out our mate Gaulys help with having us and driving us around thanks mate. Well one race down and one more to go. Yesterday arvo we did the best down wind paddle i have ever do in my life, with the wind gusting to 20 not it was crazy.Well that is it Talk soon

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Hello From Hawaii

Well hello from hawaii. I have been here for two days now and god i love this place. We are staying right on the point at Waimea the sun is shining and we are living the hawaiian dream. I did my first paddle yesterday with Shady and we get some great little runners. We are doing another paddle this morning that we haven't ever done before, but the wind is not up so I think it will be a hot paddle in the sun. I will try to get some pic up in the next day or so, so talk to you soon.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012


This is some thing I am very happy to be able to help out with, even if it is only in a little way. River Jak Adam Waddell was only with us for a short time, 128 day to be exact. SIDS is what took River's life and his perents Karl an Alex are doing every thing they can to help researches to find out why it happens.

So if you can help us raise some money for little River's foundation it would mean the world to myself and Karl & Alex.



Tuesday, 26 June 2012

One Touch Showing In Torquay

Hey Everyone,
                        The doco we filmed last year on me, Was and Brady learning, training and doing the Molokai is out in cinamers this week all over the country. We are having a showing at the Surf World museum on Sunday the 1st july at 4pm. I hope everyone that has the arvo free and can come and watch it i would love to see you there.

Monday, 25 June 2012

One Month To Go

It is getting down to the Last month to get before I  have a long day out in the channel of bones. Training has been going well and i feel great. I have had a little bit of a cold the last week but am getting over it now. It is cold and i am looking forward to warm weather and water and the cruzing on the northshore. Well i am hoping I can post some little video clip in the last month so keep an eye out.


Picking Boards For A Swell

Sorry I haven't bloged anything for a bit now I am pretty shit at this, but I don't even know if anyone looks at it. This is a shot my brother toke not long ago when i was getting some board ready for a big swell. I just liked it and throught i would put it on me blog cos i haven't put much alse on in the last couple of months.

Photo by Kaz (gordo/Sipper) Walsh.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Paddling In The Snowy

I had a good paddle down the Snowy River the other week. It is a 15km paddle down one of the most beautiful rivers in Victoria. I have done it once before, but it makes me smile every time you see the funny half asred house boats along the side of the river. I don't think any of them would make it through a good storm but someone love hanging out in them fishing. I have some photos i will post in the next couple of day but here is one for now hope you like it.


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

April 18th

Had another solo paddle this morning is less then perfect conditions but what can you do when you live in vico. I am heading east this weekend and going to do some paddling in and around the Snowy River, i did it last year and it was pretty cool paddling around there. So I'm hoping for some fun waves and good paddling conditions and will get back to you next week.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Is Done, And The Hard Work Starts

Well Easter has pasted and all the partying is done and we are back in to full training mode. The one thing that come with Easter but didn't leave is the cold weather. Winter just hit in one day and stayed, and gave me that sick feeling of knowing all the hard work i did last year in the freezing cold is back, and they are saying it is going to be a cold winter. But what can you do just roll with it and look forward to hawaii. I will be paddling monday, wednesday and friday mornings 6ish  for anyone that is keen to get out and flot around just message me on here or facebook.

See you in the water,

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A new year the same channel

I have been back in training for a couple of weeks now and I am looking forward to the challenge again this year. Last year was a great learning experience for he, it is one of the hardest that i have ever put myself through but one of the best feelings you can get once you make it to the end.

For anyone that is taking up the challenge this year good luck and enjoy one of the best things you will ever do.

I will be doing my best to make shore i remember to write on the blog every day or so, to let you know how it is all going.

Talk soon

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Some pics of me crossing the Channel during last year's Molokai.