Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Date with the Strait Teaser

Hey guys

Check out what I'm up to next - A Date with The Strait.

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Monday, 9 September 2013


The "SINGLE DOUBLE" is to win the Molokai2Oahu World Championship and then the Catalina Classic all in the same year.  Not only is it in the same year, it is only one month apart. I am so stoked to have put my self up there with only four other paddlers ever to do so : Jamie Mitchell, Eric Abbott, Keoni Watson and Tim Gair. To have my name along side them is an amazing feeling...

The "SINGLE DOUBLE" is that goal you set yourself but you can never really think: "I have this in the bag," It is heavy. You first have to put all your focus on the Molokai - the Holy Grail of paddling and the hardest race in the world to win. It is technical, long, scary and just so gnarly. Then you finish that and you have less than a month to get ready to be back on the start line for another 32 miles of straight up paddling, no runs just hard work to get you from A to B. Catalina is a race where you really can't hide from hard work, not that you can in Molokai either but during the Molokai you get runs, in Catalina it's just a grind - you just have to paddle.

It was a great year for me this year.  I can really say I have reached a couple of my dream goals, but I think I have also just set a whole lot more.. I have to thank my family: Mel, Miah & Marlo for putting up with me; the Barks for letting me stay & making me boards - and for just been awesome, Steve Shlens for being a straight up legend and everyone else that helped me along the way.

To my sponsors: I couldn't do it with out your help! Massive thanks to Patagonia, Dragon Eyewear, Bark, Surftech, JM & Reef.

Talk soon

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Molokai Done And Won!!

Sorry once again I forgot to write on my blog the whole time I was in Hawaii! But I am stoked to write now that on the 28/07/13 I won the Molokai 2 Oahu World Paddleboard Champonships.

It was a hard year out in the channel with cross winds and a dropping tide. I crossed in 5hours 46mins:13sec, 6mins ahead of last year's winner, Jack Bark. It was a great race again this year with Jack and me side by side at the half way mark. My team on my boat were amazing with my Dad, brother Jye and boat captain, Uncle Mark and his son Evan -- I couldn't have done it with out you boys keeping me feed and on my line.

To my family (Mel, Miah, Marlo) and my coach Lisa Robinson, and training mates Jamie & Jamie, you help make this possible. And of course to my sponsors: Patagonia Inc, SurfTech, Dragon Eyewear, Reef shoes and JM SUP.CO -- with out your help I would probably not have made it there. I can't wait for next year to cross that channel again...

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


So this is my first post from Hawaii, sorry it is a couple of days late. The trip had a shaky start with my flight getting half way here before being turned around and emergency landed in Fiji. So I started my Hawaiian tour 19hours late.

So I finally got here and have since had a couple of paddles and as always with Maui it has been awesome. I got my 3rd win in a row in the Maui Championship which I was pretty stoked with and have my new Bark paddle board and it feels amazing! I can't wait for the channel now, this board is going to fly across to Oahu.

I will keep you posted and talk to you soon. ZEB

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Well all the training has come to an end here in Victoria as I fly to Hawaii tomorrow. I have been shit at getting my posts up again, sorry, but I plan on being onto it in Hawaii. I feel good and ready to go over there. It should be a little easier to get going in the morning without ice on my board.. I have to say a huge thanks to the two Jamies for training with me and getting me through the hard days. Next time I talk to you it will be for the warmth of Hawaii! Till then, stay safe and have fun!

Monday, 29 April 2013


So I have been training alot but not blogging a lot! It is a new year and I am working harder than ever to be as fitter and faster than last year. But at the same time I am just looking forward to getting over to Hawaii and seeing all the good people I only get to see once a year. I am hoping to have some photos and little vid to put up a bit more often now so I will see how we go. Talk soon

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Thank You SurfTech

I have been putting in a lot of time on the SUP over the summer and I am very happy to be paddling for SurfTech now. They are a great company and I couldn't be happier. Here is a little pic of me and Miah on my new JM 14' surftech paddle board. Thanks heaps Dave and Pete from surftech.